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Facelift Surgery Recovery: What to Expect

Monday, April 15, 2019

Facelift Denver, COFacelift surgery offers a variety of benefits. Reducing the signs of aging doesn’t just improve your appearance, it improves how you feel in general. Many of our patients who undergo a facelift to reposition sagging tissues and tighten the skin look so much like their younger selves that they feel a surge of youthful energy and interest in their life. It brings us a great deal of joy to see the positive impact a custom facial procedure can make. We can help you enjoy the positive impact in your life, too. But first, we’ll answer the big question.

What to Expect after Facelift Surgery

A surgical procedure of any kind can be intimidating until you know what to expect during the recovery process. Patients should be prepared for

  • Swelling. While discomfort is what patients are most concerned about, swelling may be the primary side effect they encounter. After surgery, a dressing is placed around the sides of the face to apply gentle pressure on the incision sites and area of treatment. Swelling, as well as comfort, can improve with cold compresses (apply for no more than 20 minutes at a time) and with elevation. Patients may sleep with their head elevated for about one week.
  • Bruising. Some people experience quite a bit of bruising after a facelift, and some develop only minor bruises. The good news is that, by the two-week mark, even substantial bruising is typically 90+ percent better.
  • There is a potential for numbness. Not everyone experiences this side effect, but it is not uncommon. Numbness relates to the minor disruption in the nerve endings in the mid and lower face during surgery. As nerve endings reconnect, full sensation should be restored.

About Discomfort

The pain aspect of recovery is typically right up there with wanting a good result from surgery for most patients. Fortunately, patients ease into the sensations of their new facial structure as their general anesthesia wears off. By the time soreness in the surgical area begins, it is time to take the first dose of prescription pain medication. Taking this medication as directed, rather than waiting to feel uncomfortable, is the best way to ensure a stress-free recovery. Within a few days, soreness paves way to a generally tight sensation that may coincide with the numbness we mentioned.

Learn more about facelift techniques and how this procedure can give you your younger self back. Schedule a consultation in our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

This is What a Facelift is Really Like

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Facelift Denver, CO

Facelifts have been performed for several decades and have helped millions of people feel better about their appearance. Last year alone, more than 96,000 full facelift procedures were performed in the United States. The procedure has been praised for its ability to remove approximately ten years of facial aging. On the flip side, facelift surgery has also gotten a bit of a bad rap as a too-aggressive procedure.

There are good reasons for the perception that facelift surgery is aggressive. It’s impossible to refute solid evidence, which is usually splattered across the internet or pages of magazines. You’ve probably seen enough bad celebrity facelifts to question the validity of this cosmetic procedure. The problem with this misperception about surgical facial rejuvenation is that it can keep you from the excellent outcome that is possible for you. Here, we discuss what a facelift is really like.

Really, a Facelift is:

•Able to achieve natural looking results. Dr. Bershof has performed numerous facelift procedures that have resulted in patients looking refreshed, like a younger version of themselves. Observe our Photo Gallery, and you will be happy to see that our facelift patients don’t look overly tight and stretched. This is because the goal is to restore natural facial contouring.

•Easy to recover from. Some people have the impression that facelifts are relatively complicated in the area of recovery. That’s not so. Most patients are back to work after a nice two-week break from the norm. During these weeks of recovery, bruising and swelling subside so significantly that no one can tell surgery has been performed. Pain is also very manageable after facelift surgery using prescription medication for a few days and then transitioning to over-the-counter pain relievers.

•NOT permanent. A facelift slows the aging process and makes you look younger than you would without having surgery. Over time, though, signs of aging will creep back onto the face. Some people choose to undergo a second lift several years after their first, while others enjoy the fact that they look younger even as age progresses.

Call our Denver office at 303-399-7662 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bershof. In-depth discussion of your concerns and desired improvements is the best way to fully understand what a facelift can and cannot do for you.