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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift | Denver CO
A thigh lift is performed to tighten the skin around the inner thigh to form a more aesthetically pleasing frame. Dr. Bershof will strive to produce slimmer, more contoured thighs that are proportionate to the buttocks, stomach and legs. Often, the inner thigh first undergoes liposuction and then the very upper most skin is removed to achieve the lift. The outer thigh is generally not targeted in a thigh lift, as liposuction in this area offers better results.

This procedure may be performed alone, or in combination with other cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction elsewhere or with an abdominoplasty. When combined with other procedures, patients can achieve maximum results and enjoy a balanced, youthful figure. Dr. Bershof will discuss your personal aesthetic goals with you in order to develop the best treatment plan for you.

Candidates for Thigh Lift

The thigh lift procedure is ideal for patients who are in good general health but have excess skin and tissue within the inner thigh area as a result of the natural aging process, pregnancy or significant weight loss. A thigh lift should not be considered an easy weight loss solution, and are most effective on patients who are close to their ideal weight but unhappy with the appearance of their inner thighs. It is important for patients to maintain realistic expectations in order to be satisfied with the results of their thigh lift procedure.

Thigh Lift Procedure

The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires an incision in the groin area and sometimes extending downward around the back of the thigh, depending on the results desired by the patient. These incisions are placed so that they can be hidden by even swimsuits. An inner (medial) thigh lift may require an incision only in the groin area, and is ideal for patients with a moderate amount of skin and fat in the inner thigh area.

After the incision is made and the excess skin and fat removed, the skin is lifted up and secured into position with deep sutures. The incisions is then closed with outside sutures and the patient will be asked to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks or so in order to minimize swelling and promote proper healing.

Recovery from Thigh Lift

After surgery, patients may experience mild bruising, swelling and soreness. Discomfort is generally minimal in smaller lifts, but when large amounts of skin are removed, an overnight stay in the hospital may be required. In either case, pain medication and anti-inflammatory methods will be utilized. The results of the procedure will be visible right away and will continue to improve over several months as swelling and other symptoms subside.

Light work is normally possible after less than two weeks, while more physical activity is permissible at 4-6 weeks. All symptoms should be gone and scars maximally faded within six months to one year. After recovery, patients will be able to show off their slimmer, more defined legs and minimize any previous embarrassment. The results of a thigh lift can be long-lasting, as long as patients maintain an active and healthy life and do not gain significant amounts of weight.

Risks and Complications of Thigh Lift

Although this procedure is considered safe for most patients, there are certain risks and complications associated with any type of surgical procedure. Some of these risks include infection, healing problems, blood clots, long scar that can widen but is hidden within the groin and fluid drainage. Patients can reduce these risks by choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon such to perform their procedure, and by following the doctor's instructions before and after surgery.

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