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When you smile, laugh, frown, or look puzzled, you contract various muscles of your face. Over time, these repeated contractions produce permanent furrows and deep wrinkles in the skin, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows, and on the forehead. These lines can make you look older, sad, angry or tired. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments not only block the muscles associated with these facial movements, it helps to relieve the signs of aging, leaving you looking younger and more refreshed.

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What are the Benefits of Botox®?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country and one of our most requested services. Quick, safe, and effective, BOTOX® reduces or eliminates facial lines and wrinkles in certain designated areas for six months or more with no downtime and little to no discomfort.

What Issues Can Be Treated Using Botox®?

Through a series of tiny injections, BOTOX® gives you a rejuvenated look by smoothing smile lines (crow's feet) on the side of the eyes, minimizing frown lines between the eyebrows, and lessening horizontal lines across the forehead.

How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

BOTOX® is the brand name for botulinum toxin A, a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The medication, when injected into certain muscle groups within the face, relaxes those muscles that cause wrinkles or deep furrows. When injected in small doses in specific areas, BOTOX® injections block nerve to muscle electrical transmission responsible for the muscle action that cause those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and frowns. In this way, BOTOX® diminishes the lines in the skin that otherwise make you look tired or angry.

Candidates for BOTOX®

A good candidate for BOTOX® treatment may be anyone looking to enhance their appearance by getting rid of unwanted lines or wrinkles. It is also important that patients seeking treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic are in good physical health, are not pregnant or nursing, and do not have a neuromuscular disorder.

Men and women considering BOTOX® treatment should have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do and cannot do. You should discuss the desired results with Dr. Bershof to ensure that your goals can be achieved.

The BOTOX® Procedure

Using a very fine needle, the nurse injector will inject BOTOX® Cosmetic into designated muscles in your face that are causing lines and wrinkles. You may experience brief, mild discomfort during the injection, but you can be assured that the treatment is very safe and effective.

Is There Any Downtime After a BOTOX® Treatment?

The recovery is immediate, allowing you to return to work and resume your normal daily activities that same day. Results take several days for the intended paralysis to set-up.

How Long Does a Botox® Treatment Session Take?

BOTOX® treatments take only a few minutes to complete.

Does BOTOX® Require Anesthesia?

BOTOX® treatment requires no anesthetic.

Cost of BOTOX®

Although Botox® is charged by the unit, it is the skill and experience of the injector you are paying for. There are ostensible spas and salons selling Botox® for less money but the injector is the important variable, not the product. Many spas and salons use an esthetician or a registered nurse, rather than a plastic surgeon. Here at Body by Design, John Fox Bershof, MD, FACS,  performs all of the injections. Rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Results

Immediately following the BOTOX® treatment, some patients may experience mild bruising, which will go away in a few days, and easily covered with makeup till then. You will see your wrinkles begin to fade within 24 hours, with continued improvement over the next 5 days after injection. The effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic typically lasts 6 months, sometimes longer, although many have reported results lasting up to a full year. In fact, after several BOTOX® treatments to the same muscle group, the results may last longer than the usual 4-6 months, since studies have shown that repeated injections make the muscle group favorably atrophic.

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment will relax the intended muscles in your face and soften the skin, giving you a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Risks and Side Effects of BOTOX®

Side effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic are rare and are usually mild and temporary. The most common side effects caused by BOTOX® are headaches and temporary redness or bruising of the skin at the site of injection. In rare cases, slight drooping of an upper eyelid or asymmetry of expression may occur. Any risk of complication can be reduced by choosing a qualified and experienced injector, and by following post-procedure instructions.

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