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4 Reasons To Get Plastic Surgery This Summer

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Mother and daughter in matching swimwear outfit.Plastic surgery is an option that many people consider when they want to look and feel better about themselves. The summer is a great time to think about making a change. Plastic surgery can help you feel more confident and enjoy the summer in your new body.

Here are four reasons why you should consider plastic surgery this summer:

1. Can Help You Feel More Confident

If you have something about your body that makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious, plastic surgery can help. A lot of people get plastic surgery to improve their appearance overall, but the key is to find a procedure that will make you feel more confident and helps you feel like yourself again. If you want to be able to go swimming without worrying about whether your swimsuit will show off a particular area of your body, plastic surgery may be for you.

2. Can Make Your Summertime More Fun

While some people may worry about going through the recovery process after getting plastic surgery, many people find that they have more energy during recovery than they expected because they aren't worried about their appearance so much anymore. You'll have time before summer ends and school starts up again or work resumes if this is an issue for you.

3. You'll Have More Options For Clothing

With more options for clothing, you'll have more choices when it comes to dressing for different occasions. This means that you'll have an easier time finding something to wear when going out with friends or family members during the summer months. You don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable because you've gained some weight since buying last year's bathing suit!

4. You're Ready For a Change

Many people find that as they get older, their bodies start changing in ways that they don't like. Whether it's your breasts, butt, thighs or stomach that needs help, plastic surgery can help you get rid of any unwanted bulges or sagging skin so you can look and feel great again!

If you're considering the step of getting plastic surgery, consult with a qualified surgeon and be sure to consider your options carefully. Bershof Plastic Surgery can help you decide if a procedure is right for you. Schedule a consultation today at 303-399-7662!

Why Would You Get Plastic Surgery?

Friday, April 15, 2022

man keeping hand on chin and looking awayPlastic surgery used to be something that people would get when they could no longer tolerate the advancing signs of aging. It used to be something people did discreetly, hoping no one would spot the telltale signs of their facelift, breast augmentation, or other procedure. Today, even during the recent pandemic, a rising number of people sought care from a plastic surgeon. Here, we discuss why. One of these reasons for having plastic surgery may resonate with you.

Why Have Plastic Surgery?

  • Lines and wrinkles. Think that injectables are the only way to erase lines and wrinkles. In some cases, these FDA-approved products work wonderfully. There may come a time, however, when too much is needed to smooth away deep creases. Lines and wrinkles that form on the forehead, around the eyes, between the brows, and even around the nose and mouth may at some point require surgery for optimal correction.
  • Loose skin. Facial aging isn't limited to lines and wrinkles or creases around the nose and mouth. Tissue laxity, a problem that worsens with each passing year, can result in softening and then sagging at the jawline. In addition to jowls, problems like turkey neck, a double chin, and horizontal lines on the neck may be attributed to laxity. Neck and facelift procedures are excellent for resolving these concerns precisely and with prolonged results.
  • Excess skin. There is loose skin, like that we have mentioned, and there is excess skin. If you've been pregnant or have lost a great deal of weight, you may know what we're referring to. Sometimes, the skin and underlying tissue stretch too far to bounce all the way back. People are left with skin that hangs and folds over itself, and a loss of confidence in their appearance. Abdominoplasty is a popular procedure for dealing with excess abdominal skin.
  • Mom Problems. No, plastic surgery can't solve all of a mom's problems, but it can restore a shape that any mother would feel really good in. The great thing about mommy makeover treatment is that every patient gets to customize their procedures to match their goals.
  • Reconstruction. Breast cancer can be a devastating disease. Reconstruction after or during the treatment program can give a woman some sense of control over her outcome. Some plastic surgeons hold extensive training and skill in the performance of breast reconstruction procedures and help patients understand which options are best suited to their situation.

Plastic surgery modifies a person's shape and facial aesthetic. In so doing, though, a plastic surgery procedure can significantly boost the alignment a person feels with their body. If you see yourself differently in your mind's eye than what is reflected in the mirror, contact us. A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon could be your first step in feeling at home in your body. Contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

Do These Things for a Smooth Plastic Surgery Recovery

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Having plastic surgery is a big decision. If you’re on the cusp of making it, you probably want to know how to make the most of your chosen procedure. Most of our patients also want to know how to make their recovery period as successful as possible. Understandably, patients worry somewhat about comfort and optimal healing. The comfort aspect of recovery is well managed with appropriate pain medication. Optimal healing, on the other hand, is up to the patient to a large degree. Here, we discuss some of the things you must do to help your body recover as well as it can, as quickly as it can, after surgery. 


We can feel you rolling your eyes at this suggestion. Of course, you know you’ll be tired for a couple of days, right? You’ve read the tips about getting extra pillows and building your Netflix watch list. There’s more to it than that, though. We bring up rest as the number one thing patients must do after surgery for a big reason: they don’t do it. Let’s look at the reality of the situation. Before you have surgery, you may feel great getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. After your procedure, you may stay in bed for 10 hours a night. Then, you may want a nap after a few hours of brief activity. Post-surgical fatigue is real. It isn’t a sign of weakness nor is it an indication that something is wrong. We want you to understand what your body needs so you can be more giving to yourself during the sometimes-emotional days of recovery. 

Eat Well


When we’re not feeling well, many of us want “comfort foods” that bring us a sense of, well, comfort. The danger in this after surgery is that some comfort foods aren’t healthy. Feeling tired and achy after surgery, you also may not feel like cooking. The danger in this is that you may order in from fast food restaurants more often than you want to admit. Your surgical recovery is the time for prioritizing healthy, whole foods. Smoothies can be a tasty and healthy treat. Soups can feel comforting while also delivering the lean meats, vegetables, and healthy fats your body needs to heal. 

Get Moving

This can be a tricky area for many patients. You will have activity restrictions after your procedure, regardless of what you have done. These must be followed. However, it is essential that you walk at least a little bit every day. Whether this is only around the house at first doesn’t matter. Low-impact movement reduces the risk blood clots and ensures that oxygenated blood moves through the tissues that are healing. 

It makes us proud to bring more beauty into the world. To explore your plastic surgery procedure of choice, call our Denver office at 303.399.9609.

Changes in Skin Sensation after Plastic Surgery: Here’s What You Want to Know

Friday, April 30, 2021

Having plastic surgery can be exciting and extremely gratifying once the “dust has settled,” so to speak. Patients who elect to undergo surgery know that they will go through a recovery period. They tend to expect side effects like bruising and swelling. Changes in skin sensations? Not so much. Here, we discuss why plastic surgery procedures commonly result in sensation changes and approximately how long those changes may last based on a given procedure.

What Causes Changes to Skin Sensations After Plastic Surgery?

The skin is highly innervated. Nerves travel from all parts of the body to the brain, where touch is interpreted. Anytime the skin is injured, whether a scrape or a burn, part of the nerve network is disturbed. Communication from the nerves to the brain can be blunted for a short time. How quickly sensation is restored can vary. Generally, it is assumed that the time it takes for skin sensation to return to normal correlates with the severity of the injury. A scrape may take a week or so to heal. Surgical incisions can take longer.

Changes in skin sensation after plastic surgery are typically pretty mild. The majority of patients report some degree of numbness. Some say that they don’t have any sensation in their incision area. For others, tissue feels tingly, like when a hand or arm falls asleep. As nerves regenerate, the skin may experience little zaps or other sensations that feel out of the ordinary. This is all part of the repair process as the communication between severed nerves and the brain is reinstated.

How Long Will It Take to Regain Normal Sensation?

It is impossible to predict how long skin sensations will take to return, as well as how noticeable those changes will be. Every case is unique. In general, though, the timing may go as follows:

  • This is the most minimally-invasive procedure so is typically associated with the mildest changes in tissue sensation. Liposuction has tiny incisions, so patients may be back to normal in a few weeks.
  • Breast surgery. Breast procedures like augmentation and mastopexy to lift the breasts involve more extensive incisions. Interestingly, some studies suggest that smaller incisions that go only around the nipple area may be more likely to result in numbness or other sensation changes. Even with other incision patterns, breast surgeries can cause changes that take two to three months to resolve.
  • Tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck adjusts multiple layers of tissue. It trims the skin, a fatty layer of tissue, and muscle. Therefore, a fair amount of nerve disruption may occur. Patients usually notice improvement over two to six months. However, small areas of numbness or sensation loss may linger around the scar.
  • The skin around facelift incisions can take 12 to 18 months to fully heal. The sensation may return gradually over that time.

Have you been considering plastic surgery to address a cosmetic concern? Let’s talk! Call 303.399.7662 to schedule a consultation at our Denver office.

Here’s What’s Trending in 2021

Monday, March 15, 2021

Shortly after 2020 began, many of us thought that the aesthetic area of medicine may come to a screeching halt. Much to our surprise, adults of all ages began to express more interest in plastic surgery and facial enhancement than ever. While it seemed as though working from home and having a more flexible schedule may inhibit people from seeking professional beauty treatments, these changes in daily living had the opposite effect. The prevalence of video conferencing allowed people to observe themselves like never before. It turns out that spending hours in front of a screen can show you just what you love about your appearance and also what you’d like to improve. Here, we discuss the facial enhancements expected to be on-trend throughout 2021.

Eyelid Rejuvenation

One of the major shifts that occurred in 2020 was the need to wear a mask over the nose and mouth. We may not have to do this forever, but mask-wearing showed millions of people the value of vibrant, youthful eyes. Eyelid rejuvenation can smooth undereye bags and lift sagging upper eyelid skin to reveal more of the natural eye crease. Blepharoplasty doesn’t just make the face look younger; it makes it look more awake and friendly. While we are still seeing only the eyes when out and about, making the most of their personality makes sense.


For some people, BOTOX injections provide the lift that they need to look and feel their best. Like blepharoplasty, BOTOX can refresh the upper area of the face. In addition to smoothing frown lines, injections of this muscle-relaxing drug can erase crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes and reduce the horizontal lines that appear on the forehead. BOTOX is also an excellent option for a non-surgical brow lift. Depending on your concerns, BOTOX may be combined with dermal fillers to achieve the best results. The effects of this wrinkle-reducing treatment can last three to six months.

Lip Augmentation

An interesting effect of the routine Zoom meetings that took place in 2020 is an increased interest in lip augmentation. This treatment has become popular among men and women interested in a subtle, natural-looking enhancement to the shape and volume of their lips. Using the latest dermal fillers, an experienced injector can achieve beautiful results that feel soft and kissable.


While masks cover the lower two-thirds of the face when we’re away from home, the increase of work-from-home situations has gotten millions of people more in touch with their appearance. Again, we go back to the transition to video-conferencing with colleagues and even friends and family. Facelift surgery trended in 2020 as adults sought to reduce sagging cheeks, jowls, and deep creases around the nose and mouth. We expect this trend to maintain for at least another year.

Trends aside, everyone has unique cosmetic goals. We can help you achieve yours. Contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662 to see how.

Why Do You Want a Tummy Tuck?

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Every day, we make decisions about what we will do with our time, how we will manage surprises, and so on. Most of the decisions that we have to make do not require much critical thinking. Many are seemingly made without thought at all. And then there are the decisions that we must spend some time on. Having plastic surgery is an example. In this case, such as wanting to have abdominoplasty, many people take months to make up their minds. This is good. Motivation is something that a plastic surgeon is interested in knowing. Here, we discuss a few healthy motivations for tummy tuck surgery.

Why Have a Tummy Tuck?

Wanting Your Body Back

Perhaps you have had children or have dedicated time and effort to beating obesity. Each of these experiences can have lingering effects, such as loose skin and muscle tissue. Even though you have achieved a goal that has brought you happiness, you may also feel as though your body isn’t yours anymore. A tummy tuck can restore your shape and can even make it better than ever.

Greater Confidence

Multiple studies suggest that plastic surgery can positively impact self-confidence. When approaching a procedure like abdominoplasty, it is important to consider where your confidence currently lies. With a healthy sense of self before surgery, most patients report feeling even more connected to their bodies after a procedure like abdominoplasty. Sculpting the midsection that has become loose and saggy can restore your ability to wear the clothing you like and feel great doing it.

Maximum Physical Improvements

Having a tummy tuck isn’t a fast-track to a great body. The best results are achieved with people who are dedicated to healthy living before and after surgery. As you may know, achieving your ideal weight for your body frame doesn’t always give you the best result possible. Lifestyle can manage weight and tone muscles but cannot resolve laxity caused by stretching. A tummy tuck can and does so quite nicely.

Dr. Bershof provides friendly care in a professional, welcoming atmosphere. To learn more about abdominoplasty, contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

What You Must Have after Plastic Surgery

Friday, January 15, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year. These range from minimally-invasive body contouring procedures to breast enhancement to facial rejuvenation. Regardless of the procedure that is in your future, chances are you are already thinking of two things: your recovery and your results. You must get through one to see the other. Here, we discuss a few must-haves to see you through the most pleasant surgical recovery possible.

Must-Have #1 – Help

As you move closer to your surgery date, you may hear that you should have one or more people assembled to assist you for a few days. Most people who undergo plastic surgery hear this recommendation. Many do call in the reinforcements and, a fair amount of people quickly struggle with their position of “helplessness.” This is why we’re mentioning this as a leading must-have. After you have plastic surgery, you not only need to arrange help, you need to prepare yourself emotionally to accept that help. The kind of help we’re talking about is cooking, childcare, pet care, maybe even a little light cleaning. Additionally, you mustn’t overlook the personal needs you may have. Some days you may need someone to administer your pain medication on time. Some days, you may just need someone to keep you company.

Must-Have #2 – Home Remedies

During the first several days of surgical recovery, you may rely on prescription pain medication to maintain comfort. Most patients are ready ahead of time, having filled their prescriptions well before surgery. Another few items are needed, though. One is ice. You can use a bag of peas or a formal gel ice pack. Whatever you choose, have an extra. Ice might be your BFF for a few days. Additionally, to help manage the potential side effects of prescription pain medication (specifically, constipation), you may also want to purchase a fiber supplement or a bottle of magnesium citrate tablets. Both have been shown to remedy constipation.

Berschof Plastic Surgery offers friendly, professional care to help people feel their best. Schedule a consultation at our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

Is Liposuction Worth It?

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Liposuction has been a popular procedure for many years. There are several reasons why it has consistently ranked within the top 5 plastic surgery procedures. It is often sought when diet and exercise are not providing the extent of body contouring a person would like. Let’s face it, body sculpting can be much more difficult than it seems. A little help can go a long way to achieve a well-defined body. While this procedure may be popular, many people still question if it’s worth it. We’ll discuss that here.

We’ll begin by saying that, whether you’re seeking body contouring, facial rejuvenation, or any other kind of cosmetic enhancement, it is essential to know what a given procedure can and cannot do. Expectations are everything. When it comes to liposuction, patients should know that this procedure is not going to help them lose weight. In fact, liposuction does not achieve the best results in patients whose BMI is much outside of the normal range (about 18 to 25). This is because liposuction removes no more than 5.000 mL of fat at once, and it is not healthy to undergo multiple liposuction procedures in a short time frame. When a person is within about 15 pounds of their normal and best weight, that’s when liposuction achieves noticeable, pleasing results.

Some of the situations in which liposuction performs very well include:

  • Removing localized deposits of fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chin. Many of these areas are difficult to sculpt with diet and exercise because they may hold stubborn fat.
  • A desire to look better in one’s clothes. Excess fat in certain areas often creates problems fitting into clothing as one would like. For example, some people do not like wearing short-sleeved shirts because of fat on the backs of their arms. Excess abdominal fat causes a telltale “muffin top” over pants and shorts.
  • Perfecting physical proportion. It’s no secret that we all hold weight differently. Excess fat in one area, such as the outer thighs, can throw off proportions across the middle region of the body. Eliminating those localized fatty deposits slims where needed to bring harmony to the shape.

When Might Liposuction be a Bad Idea?

There are relatively few instances in which liposuction would not be a good idea. The two primary situations would be if a person wants to lose weight or has loose, sagging skin. Otherwise, the liposuction procedure holds the keys to lasting rewards!

Want to know more about liposuction? Contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662 to schedule your consultation.

Where can liposuction be performed?

Friday, October 30, 2020

Men and women of Scottsdale, AZ often work hard to keep their bodies in shape and stay active and healthy. However, there are many areas of the body where excess fat tends to accumulate—and can be stubborn to address! Dr. Joseph C. Berardi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who works regularly with patients dealing with excess fat on the body and are seeking a solution to treating these targeted areas.

How liposuction works

A popular method of body contouring and fat removal is liposuction. Liposuction is an elective surgery that is performed to remove fat cells from targeted areas of the body. This is done with the use of a long wand like device attached to a suction machine. The wand, called a cannula, is inserted into very small incisions in the treatment area and is moved around to suction out unwanted fat—permanently. Liposuction is a more invasive procedure, and results surgery and downtime to heal and recover properly.

Where can liposuction be performed?

Dr. Joseph C. Berardi finds that any area of the body that is impacted by excess fat cells can be improved with the use of liposuction. Some of the more common targeted spots include:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Chin/neck

Who is a candidate?

To determine candidacy for liposuction, it is vital for patients to start with a consultation visit. Dr. Joseph C. Berardi takes this time to connect with these patients and find out what their goals are. A patient who is in good overall health and wellness, is within their ideal weight, and is interested in liposuction will want to speak to our provider about what they would like to achieve with this procedure. Patients should have realistic expectations regarding what can be done with liposuction, and may also consider combining other treatments into the same surgical appointment.

Call our board-certified plastic surgeon today!

Liposuction is a common procedure used to reduce and remove fat cells from specific areas of the body, and continues to be a popular choice for both men and women seeking improved body contours. If you live in the Scottsdale community and are considering liposuction, book an appointment with Dr. Joseph C. Berardi by calling (480) 397-0711. Our providers are here to help!

How to be Fully Prepared for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Breast augmentation is an exciting prospect. It allows you to look like you’ve always thought you should. There are many benefits to having breast augmentation surgery, which we can see from the fact that his procedure has led the plastic surgery pack for many years. When researching breast augmentation, it’s easy to focus on a few details, like choosing a fully qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon and stocking up on entertainment for the short recovery after surgery. These are important and do require attention. However, there are other tips to be fully prepared for breast augmentation. We’re going to tell you what they are.

Preparing for Breast Implants

When you’ve wanted breast implants for some time, you may think you know exactly what you want and exactly what your life will look like after your procedure. You might come very close but we would hate for you to make common mistakes. When you decide to have breast augmentation, you may have a specific idea in your head about cup size. You may have pictures of women’s bodies that you admire. These are good ways to prepare. However, keep in mind that your body may not look as good with that imagined cup size as you think. What looks good on another woman’s body looks good because of her overall proportions, not just her breasts. When you consult with a plastic surgeon, have an idea in mind, and also have an open mind. Our objective with patients is to achieve breast enhancement that looks natural.

Preparing for Recovery

If you’ve been researching breast augmentation, you may know that you need to take about a week off work. This is the minimum. If your job has high physical demands, you may need to take a full two-week vacation to ensure you can return to work without adverse complications. In addition to taking time off work, you also need to step back from your domestic duties. Someone else will do the cooking, the dog-walking, the laundry, and pretty much everything else that may normally fall onto your plate. Even caring for children. This can be more challenging than some people expect, which is why we point it out. Think of it like this: after breast augmentation, you finally get that Me Time you’ve been wanting for so long!

We are proud to serve the Denver area with friendly, professional service. For more information about breast augmentation, call 303.399.9609 and schedule a consultation.