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When and Why You Might Need Revision Rhinoplasty

Friday, March 15, 2024

Revision rhinoplasty
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your rhinoplasty, whether it is related to appearance or functionality, you have the option to undergo further surgery to attain your desired results. Dr. John Bershof is frequently sought after by individuals who are unhappy with their initial rhinoplasty procedure and are seeking revision rhinoplasty.

Various factors can contribute to unsatisfactory results, such as the surgeon's level of experience, a health condition, or your individual healing process. Many individuals who undergo rhinoplasty seek revision rhinoplasty from different plastic surgeons. In contrast, Dr. Bershof has an exceptionally low revision rate of less than 1 percent, and any revisions that do occur are always minor in nature and carefully handled at Bershof Plastic Surgery.

Common Reasons for Revision Rhinoplasty

Some common reasons people want a second rhinoplasty include a pinched tip or pulled-up nostrils. They may also want to remove creases around the nostrils, scoop out the profile more, or fix an unnatural look. Another common reason is that some may have difficulty breathing after a rhinoplasty.

The initial rhinoplasty alone can be quite challenging, particularly when dealing with complex cases. A secondary rhinoplasty poses an even more significant challenge of correcting unwanted features while maintaining the results you want. With this in mind, choosing an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can greatly improve your outcome.

Before we do a revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Bershof will conduct a thorough examination of your nose and a medical exam and discuss your goals to help you find the best solution.

Benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty

If you were not completely satisfied with the results of your rhinoplasty, whether it was due to your previous surgeon's skill or the healing process, revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Bershof can help correct these concerns for you.

Revision rhinoplasty can also offer enhanced structural support in cases where your nose's function has been compromised by your previous surgical procedure.

Where to Find Revision Rhinoplasty in Denver, CO

Bershof Plastic Surgery serves Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado. To learn more about revision rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. John Bershof. Please call us today at (303) 399-7662.