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Has Your Face Lost its Energy? It Can Be Revived!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

It may sound funny to say that the face has energy. However, we all know what this looks like in real life. Think back to a time when you met someone that you instantly liked. What did their face look like? Chances are, the magnetic attraction had nothing to do with 5-Star beauty and much more to do with the energy exuded from their expressions.

When the face starts to age, it isn't as good at projecting the energy we feel on the inside. Tissue and muscular changes can make us look angry or sad, or all-out unfriendly. In many cases, these inaccurate character traits revolve around the appearance of the eyes. Here, we discuss the common problems we see and how they can be dealt with.

Problem: Frown Lines

Correction: Botox®

Most of the lines that develop around the eyes and on the forehead are due to muscle movement. We use the same muscles in the same way every time we squint, frown, smile, laugh, and make other facial expressions. Just like doing crunches in the gym tones the abdominal muscles, frowning tones the muscles used to make that expression. Muscles that are toned are constantly contracting. Botox releases the contracted state so the muscles can rest. To eliminate frown lines (and worry lines and crow's feet), a small amount of Botox is injected into the muscle. It's that easy. Treatment lasts less than 15 minutes. Results last about 4 months.

Problem: Under Eye Bags and Circles

Correction: Dermal Fillers

The skin changes with age, and so does the fatty tissue just beneath the dermis. Under the eyes, tissue changes can do two things. They can cause the fat pads under the eyes to look swollen or they can cause the eyes to look sunken. Either way, the resulting appearance ages the face. Dermal fillers can disguise puffiness and correct mild shadowing by adding volume to the subcutaneous tissue beneath the eyes. Dermal fillers injected into the curved line that separates the under-eye area from the upper cheek eliminates the crease and makes bags disappear. Adding volume beneath the eyes also changes the reflection of light off the skin. This is how dark circles can be improved.

Problem: Under Eye Bags

Correction: Eyelid Surgery

Didn't we just state that dermal fillers are a good solution for under-eye bags? We did. They are. However, they don't last forever. Dermal fillers can improve the under-eye area for up to 2 years. For more permanent rejuvenation of the eyelids, we consider blepharoplasty. This minor plastic surgery uses a small incision just at the lash line to access fatty tissue. This tissue may be repositioned to smooth the under-eye area, or some may be removed. Loose skin is then tightened to achieve a look that refreshes the face.

It isn't difficult to bring good energy back into the face. To discover the approach that's best for you, schedule a consultation in our Denver office at 303.399.7662.