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Here’s What’s Trending in 2021

Monday, March 15, 2021

Shortly after 2020 began, many of us thought that the aesthetic area of medicine may come to a screeching halt. Much to our surprise, adults of all ages began to express more interest in plastic surgery and facial enhancement than ever. While it seemed as though working from home and having a more flexible schedule may inhibit people from seeking professional beauty treatments, these changes in daily living had the opposite effect. The prevalence of video conferencing allowed people to observe themselves like never before. It turns out that spending hours in front of a screen can show you just what you love about your appearance and also what you’d like to improve. Here, we discuss the facial enhancements expected to be on-trend throughout 2021.

Eyelid Rejuvenation

One of the major shifts that occurred in 2020 was the need to wear a mask over the nose and mouth. We may not have to do this forever, but mask-wearing showed millions of people the value of vibrant, youthful eyes. Eyelid rejuvenation can smooth undereye bags and lift sagging upper eyelid skin to reveal more of the natural eye crease. Blepharoplasty doesn’t just make the face look younger; it makes it look more awake and friendly. While we are still seeing only the eyes when out and about, making the most of their personality makes sense.


For some people, BOTOX injections provide the lift that they need to look and feel their best. Like blepharoplasty, BOTOX can refresh the upper area of the face. In addition to smoothing frown lines, injections of this muscle-relaxing drug can erase crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes and reduce the horizontal lines that appear on the forehead. BOTOX is also an excellent option for a non-surgical brow lift. Depending on your concerns, BOTOX may be combined with dermal fillers to achieve the best results. The effects of this wrinkle-reducing treatment can last three to six months.

Lip Augmentation

An interesting effect of the routine Zoom meetings that took place in 2020 is an increased interest in lip augmentation. This treatment has become popular among men and women interested in a subtle, natural-looking enhancement to the shape and volume of their lips. Using the latest dermal fillers, an experienced injector can achieve beautiful results that feel soft and kissable.


While masks cover the lower two-thirds of the face when we’re away from home, the increase of work-from-home situations has gotten millions of people more in touch with their appearance. Again, we go back to the transition to video-conferencing with colleagues and even friends and family. Facelift surgery trended in 2020 as adults sought to reduce sagging cheeks, jowls, and deep creases around the nose and mouth. We expect this trend to maintain for at least another year.

Trends aside, everyone has unique cosmetic goals. We can help you achieve yours. Contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662 to see how.