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Medical Skin Care in Denver, CO

We bring you the leading lines of medical-grade skin care products, available only through a physician and more powerful than many over-the-counter products.

What Kind Of Medical Skin Care Products Do You Offer?

We proudly offer the most effective, proven, medical-grade skincare products available today. Our team can guide you in our selection of the right products based on your skin type, concerns, and other factors. Many of the products available at our office are ideal for use after surgical or non-surgical treatments, at which time your goal is to enhance tissue regeneration. These products are formulated to reach the deepest layers of your skin, delivering powerful ingredients that have been clinically proven safe and effective. Our various products are made to restore and support aging skin against collagen breakdown, sun damage, and other concerns.

There are so many skincare products on the market today that it can be difficult to discern which is right for you. We're here to help. To take the very best care of your skin using medical skincare products, contact us at (303) 399-7662. We'll provide personal assistance that can help you get the results you're seeking as quickly as possible.

What Kind Of Concerns Do They Treat?

The products that we carry have been developed to provide foundational skincare through cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin from UV damage. Some are formulated to address specific concerns, such as hyperpigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles. With clinical-grade ingredient concentrations, medical-grade skincare products can treat conditions including acne, skin laxity, age spots, and more. If you're noticing troubling changes in your skin, schedule a visit to talk to an experienced member of our staff. We can help find the perfect product or products to address your concerns.

How Long Before I See Results?

Skincare is a cornerstone of having vital, vibrant skin. The products that you can get only from a doctor's office are designed to permeate through the uppermost layer of your skin to affect change at a deeper level. This is where real improvement occurs, in the layers of the skin where collagen is produced and where it lays a matrix of resilient fibers. Normally, it takes at least 12 weeks to see the effects of a skincare product. Not with medical skincare. Our products have been developed with proprietary ingredients in the right ratios to achieve faster results. With regular use, your clinical skincare should begin to morph your skin quickly. You can expect to see results four to six weeks after you first begin using your products. Keep in mind that you must use your selected formulations regularly, as directed, to see improvements in your skin.

Do Medical Skin Care Products Offer Better Results Than OTC Options?

Many of the luxury skincare products sold in retail outlets or online claim to achieve similar results as clinical skincare. There is no formal line of demarcation that separates over-the-counter products from those you get only from a doctor. Our products are not regulated by the FDA. That said, many of the products offered do go through strict clinical trials and periodic testing to ensure efficacy and safety. These products are made to affect deeper layers of the skin. To do so, they must contain higher percentages of active ingredients than products that are made for "everyone." The goal of medical skincare products is to get results. Working with us to choose the ideal solutions for your concerns can save you from investing in multiple products that simply do not work.

Can I Use Medical-Grade Skincare With Other Products?

Yes, in most cases, it is okay to use your regular at-home products with medical-grade skincare. However, it is essential to verify that they will not interact with each other and cause an allergic reaction. It is equally important to ensure you are using the same products properly and not applying too much of one product.

Are Medical-Grade Skincare Products Only Available By Prescription?

In most cases, you do need a prescription for medical-grade products. However, many of them are available in Dr. Bershof’s office for purchase as well. He will be happy to advise you which ones will work best for your skin type and your skin rejuvenation goals.

Are Medical-Grade Skincare Products Safe?

Yes, when used as directed by Dr. Bershof, medical-grade skincare products are safe.

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