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Gift Yourself Great Skin

Sunday, August 15, 2021

At Body by Design, we understand that beauty is not created by a single feature or body part. It is inclusive and comprehensive. That’s why we offer various spa services in our Denver office, as well as medical grade skincare products by several different manufacturers. Here, we discuss the tiny details that can make more costly products the most cost-effective choice. 

How Medical Grade Skincare Differs from Commercial Products

We’ll begin by saying this, we know that over-the-counter products have one thing on medical grade serums and creams: they are more accessible. It sure is easy to pop into Target or Sephora for the latest and greatest skincare miracles. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor for a skin analysis takes time. It means having to discuss factors related to the skin. It’s also a great way to get the vital assistance that is needed to determine which cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and specialty products are ideal for your unique dermatologic needs. 

One of the pivotal differences between the two levels of products is that one is FDA regulated and one is not. All commercial skincare products are regulated by the FDA and are prohibited from penetrating beyond the uppermost layer of the skin. Here, there really isn’t a whole lot they can do, is there? This is why commercial skincare cannot make claims that they “treat” any skin condition. Unregulated cosmeceuticals can make such claims and, even better, they can because they are valid. Medical grade skincare has been clinically proven to improve the appearance and overall health of the skin. 

Another key difference between over-the-counter skincare and that which you get from a doctor is potency, and this is no small matter. Most makers of medical grade skincare use highly stabilized ingredients that do not degrade as quickly, so the product stays active longer. These products are also often manufactured to maximize the mechanisms of absorption. Essentially, they are made to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

Learn More about Medical Grade Skincare

Your skin is as vital to your overall appearance as any other physical feature, and it is one that is significantly affected by the environment, stress, nutrition, and a host of other factors. To gift yourself great skin, contact us at 303.399.7662 and schedule a visit to our Denver office.