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How to be Fully Prepared for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Breast augmentation is an exciting prospect. It allows you to look like you’ve always thought you should. There are many benefits to having breast augmentation surgery, which we can see from the fact that his procedure has led the plastic surgery pack for many years. When researching breast augmentation, it’s easy to focus on a few details, like choosing a fully qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon and stocking up on entertainment for the short recovery after surgery. These are important and do require attention. However, there are other tips to be fully prepared for breast augmentation. We’re going to tell you what they are.

Preparing for Breast Implants

When you’ve wanted breast implants for some time, you may think you know exactly what you want and exactly what your life will look like after your procedure. You might come very close but we would hate for you to make common mistakes. When you decide to have breast augmentation, you may have a specific idea in your head about cup size. You may have pictures of women’s bodies that you admire. These are good ways to prepare. However, keep in mind that your body may not look as good with that imagined cup size as you think. What looks good on another woman’s body looks good because of her overall proportions, not just her breasts. When you consult with a plastic surgeon, have an idea in mind, and also have an open mind. Our objective with patients is to achieve breast enhancement that looks natural.

Preparing for Recovery

If you’ve been researching breast augmentation, you may know that you need to take about a week off work. This is the minimum. If your job has high physical demands, you may need to take a full two-week vacation to ensure you can return to work without adverse complications. In addition to taking time off work, you also need to step back from your domestic duties. Someone else will do the cooking, the dog-walking, the laundry, and pretty much everything else that may normally fall onto your plate. Even caring for children. This can be more challenging than some people expect, which is why we point it out. Think of it like this: after breast augmentation, you finally get that Me Time you’ve been wanting for so long!

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How to Sleep After Breast Surgery

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Having any surgical procedure will tax the body of physical resources. This is why after any kind of surgery, even a less invasive procedure like breast augmentation or a mommy makeover, patients typically find that they need a little extra rest than they usually do. The problem is that surgery itself can create a challenge for getting that rest. Here, we officer a roadmap that leads back to normal sleeping habits.

  1. Sleep Reclining

One of the most common side effects to occur after surgery is swelling. There is also a risk of excessive fluid accumulation in the surgical area. This is true of most procedures, not just plastic surgery. To prevent this after a procedure on the upper body, patients are advised to sleep reclining. If you have a recliner, this may be easy. If you don’t you can prepare for a comfortable recovery by purchasing a few extra pillows to place under your back. In addition to helping prevent fluid accumulation and reduce swelling more quickly, a reclined position is much easier to move out of when you want to stand up.

  1. Prepare to Sleep on Your Back

Once you no longer have to sleep reclining, you can transition to a more normal sleeping position but perhaps not entirely. If you’re accustomed to sleeping on your stomach, the instruction to sleep on your back may sound challenging. Having slept in a reclining position for a few days, this may be easier than you imagine, though. To help you remain on your back throughout the night, wedge the edge of a pillow under each arm.

  1. Take the Support You’re Given

After breast surgery or a mommy makeover, a support garment is applied. Patients may wear this for a few weeks. During the first several days, the garment may be worn nearly all the time, removed only for showering. When you sleep, your support garment will prevent tugging on your incisions and will keep the breasts in place as you make slight movements.

  1. Set Yourself Up for Success

Knowing that sleep is of the utmost importance after surgery, you want to set yourself up for success. One way to do this is to move around during the day as approved by your surgeon. Patients can typically take short walks as long as they are comfortable. The physical activity is minimal at first but usually sufficient to promote good sleep. Patients should also avoid things that inhibit quality rest, including caffeine, sugar, and late-night screen time.

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The Breast Implant Recall Needs to be Discussed

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Breast Augmentation Denver, COA recall on breast implants is a big deal. Even if you do not have the type of implants that the FDA has asked to be taken off the market, you may be wondering how this recall might affect you. We can understand why this event may cause lingering concern for millions of women. For this reason alone, it is a topic that needs to be discussed with as much clarity as possible. We’ll do that here in hopes that specific details may set your mind at ease.

Why Were Breast Implants Recalled?

In 2011, a handful of cases of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) were identified. In response to these cases, the FDA began an investigation into additional cases. A registry was established to accept new reports of this rare cancer, allowing researchers to track the number of cases and their details. Recently, statistics demonstrated that, of 573 cases of BIA-ALCL worldwide, 481 of them involved the same family of breast implants. The increased risk of disease related to these implants led to the prompt recall of specific types.

Which Breast Implants Have been Recalled?

  • Only textured breast implants and tissue expanders have been recalled.
  • All devices are in the Natrelle line by Allergan.
  • The BioCell breast implants in the Natrelle line include saline, silicone, and highly-cohesive anatomically shaped silicone textured breast implants.
  • Natrelle tissue expanders type 133 with and without suture tabs are also included.

What is Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma?

This medical term has become more familiar in recent years as the risk of disease has been analyzed. BIA-ALCL, as a type of lymphoma, affects the immune system. Cancerous cells first develop in fluid that may accumulate around a breast implant. Over time, these cells can migrate to lymph nodes, where they pose a more serious risk.

BIA-ALCL is not without symptoms. Women are encouraged to schedule an exam with a plastic surgeon if they experience:

  • Breast pain
  • Swelling in one breast
  • Itching
  • A mass in the breast
  • Changes in the shape or firmness of a breast

Symptomatic breast implants do not mean that BIA-ALCL has developed. It means that something may be going on in the tissue around the breast. To diagnose this cancer, a doctor may first order imaging that can observe the presence of fluid around the breast implant. Then, a sample of this fluid can be obtained to test for cancer cells.

It is important to note that BIA-ALCL can be easily treated when symptoms are checked early. In more than 90% of cases, the removal of both breast implants and their surrounding capsular tissue has achieved complete eradication of the disease.

The fact that certain textured breast implants have been recalled does not mean that your breast implants need to be removed. It means only that the specifically named implants pose a higher risk for complication. Unless a complication occurs, there is no reason to undergo an unnecessary surgery.

Do you have questions about breast implants? We’re here for you. Contact our Denver office at 303.399.7662 to schedule a visit.

Will Breast Augmentation Make Me Look Unnatural?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Breast Augmentation Denver, COBreast augmentation surgery has been popular for several years. The procedure can help women gain fullness that they never had. It can correct issues like dramatic asymmetry or deflation. Breast augmentation can also give a woman the kind of satisfaction and body confidence she’s always wanted. As you may have noticed, it is also possible that enlarging the breasts could make a woman appear completely unnatural.

Many of our patients ask us if breast augmentation may make them look unlike themselves. A change is wanted, but not one that is so severe that the breasts look and feel like they don’t belong in relation to the rest of the body. It is understandable to have this concern and also to ask about it so Dr. Berschof can discuss the ways in which a natural appearance can be retained. The process is actually pretty simple.

First Things First

Usually, the first question that a woman asks before breast augmentation is what size implant she should get. Sometimes, the question is what type of implant. Regardless, these are not the first questions to ask. To obtain the best results from breast augmentation, the most valuable question to ask is how a larger sized breast will fit into a particular lifestyle. For example, a runner or swimmer may feel out-of-sorts if she were to make a drastic change in breast size.

In addition to getting to know our patients’ preferences and lifestyle, we also know that breast augmentation needs to consider the condition of the skin and how much breast tissue exists before surgery. These small details can make a big difference in outcome.

Now for the Implants

The choice between saline and silicone implants is just the beginning of the breast augmentation journey. Both types have advantages that are worth considering. Saline implants are made better now than they ever were, which has decreased the potential for unnatural look and feel. Silicone implants are also more integral these days, with a decreased risk of leaking fluid into surrounding tissue. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant can be discussed at length during the consultation visit.

For the most natural-looking results from breast augmentation, implant size and profile are considered in unison. This is because each relates to the final appearance of the breasts. Implant profile is the characteristic that determines forward projection. Some implants have a wider base, which gives them less projection. A narrow base creates a high profile and greater projection from the chest wall. It may be possible that a higher-profile implant could have a generally smaller size but still achieve the desired fullness.

Breast augmentation should result in the natural result you desire. To explore your options, schedule a visit to our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

Will a Breast Lift Last?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

For years, studies have suggested that breast procedures have a lot to offer. Women interested in a procedure like a breast lift tend to know this on some level and yet questions about things like recovery and results still arise. We understand why. Plastic surgery necessitates an investment of time and money. Who doesn't want to know that they can expect a substantial reward for their input? So, is breast lift surgery worth it? Yes, even though the effects of aging will affect breast shape at some point in the future.

The Reason for Sagging Breasts

It often seems as though we naturally point a finger at pregnancy and breastfeeding as primary causes for changes to the breasts. There is some validity to this but there are other factors that can lead to breast sag. Aging is one of them. Body chemistry is another, and then there is the matter of muscle tone. Seeing just these few factors, we can identify ways to support long-term shapeliness after breast lift treatment.

Aging and body chemistry go together like peas in a pod. We say that aging is a primary factor in the skin losing elasticity and firmness. However, the direct reason that this happens is that the older body doesn't produce collagen like it did when it was younger. Collagen is the protein that gives skin its firmness and resiliency. Firmness and resiliency inhibit thinning and sagging, which means that collagen is an important factor in breast shape. Aging cannot be stopped, we all know that, but we can offset some of the effects of aging by supporting body chemistry. when it comes to collagen production, the magic ingredient is vitamin C. This vitamin can be taken orally every day and can also be applied to the skin for extended benefits.

Muscle tone is not something many women are interested in having on their chest. However, there is value in maintaining a slight degree of tightness in the pectoral muscles that lie beneath breast tissue. We're not suggesting that these muscles be built-up but that they are toned with basic exercises like planks or push-ups. When toned, the pectoral muscles support the height of the breasts on the chest wall.

Schedule a consultation at Berschof Plastic Surgery to learn more about the benefits of breast lift surgery.

Boob Greed is a Real Thing. Here’s How to Avoid It!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Breast Augmentation Denver, COUndergoing breast augmentation surgery can be a life-changing experience for any woman. Through practical experience, many plastic surgeons come across a phenomenon that could aptly be referred to as “boob greed.” Here’s how boob greed often develops.

A patient takes her time speaking with her qualified plastic surgeon and chooses the breast implant type that she believes will suit her. Breast implant surgery is performed, and the outcome of surgery is what the surgeon and patient had expected. Within a matter of weeks or even days, the patient then begins to second-guess her choice of implant size and shape. This second-guessing, for some patients, becomes an obsession. A woman may find herself right back where she was before breast augmentation, in a situation where she notices other women’s breasts and perceives her own as somehow inadequate.  Ultimately, boob greed develops and the patient suffers in a continued state of dissatisfaction that neglects to see the beauty of her own surgical outcome.

One might smirk at the idea of boob greed as a real problem. For a woman who is consumed by the daily onslaught of images of other women’s large, full breasts, boob greed can be so overwhelming that it leads to secondary surgery to enlarge the breasts even more. Our priority is to help each one of our patients feel good about her own body, not to measure up to some ideal of what beautiful breasts look like. We take our time, and we suggest that patients do, too.

How to Make Breast Augmentation Work for You

  • Look at your lifestyle. A big part of satisfaction with breast implants is how the breasts fit into your daily life. Your breasts should fit well with your activity level, type of activities you engage in, your personal and professional image, and more. Taking a good, honest look at your lifestyle can help you make a wise decision about breast augmentation.
  • Dig deep into your personal preferences. It’s easy to settle for something that isn’t completely you. One way a woman may do this is by believing that she needs to get the most “bang for the buck.” If you prefer smaller breasts that don’t necessarily need the support of a bra, stick with that preference. Don’t believe that you must choose larger implants to get the most of your investment into surgery. Likewise, if your body frame and personal preferences support larger breast size, don’t settle for less, thinking that your profession or social circle may not approve of your physical change.
  • Ask for opinions, but don’t view them as gold. The only opinion about your breast augmentation that really matters is yours. Putting too much stock in other people’s ideas of what will or will not look good on you is a surefire way to end up feeling dissatisfied with the final outcome of your procedure.
  • Narrow your choices. If you’re varying between a wide range of breast sizes that appeal to you, remember to consider your own body and how you want to look. Narrow your choices down to two potential sizes that are close to one another. If you’re concerned about being smaller than you’d really like, choose the larger of the two.

It is our business to help women choose breast implants that suit their personality, personal image, lifestyle, and preferences. Schedule an in-person consultation in our Denver office at 303-399-7662.

Breast Implant Shapes: Which is Right for You?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Breast Augmentation Denver, CO

The question “which is right for me?” is one of the most frequently asked when discussing just about any cosmetic procedure. Facelift: is the full-lift or the mini-lift right? What type of tummy tuck should I get? When consulting with patients about breast implants, the options get even more in-depth. Which size should I get? Are saline or silicone implants better? What about shape? We didn’t use to have all of these options. Now that we do, we simply have to navigate through them.

Particulars of Teardrop Implants

The teardrop or anatomical breast implant has been designed to replicate the natural curve of the breast. This is a newer implant in which volume is focused at a lower point on the implant rather than symmetrically all around. Because this implant is already shaped, it is made of cohesive silicone that will support this same contouring once the implant is in the breast pocket. When you think of a teardrop breast implant, think “gummy bear,” because this is what a form-stable implant is most likely to feel like.

Details of Round Implants

Most breast augmentation procedures use round breast implants. These structures can be filled with saline or silicone. Whichever fluid is selected, the overall result will be an implant that looks like a small, soft, round pillow. In addition to options for general size, round breast implants may also be personalized in their profile, which will impact how much the breasts project forward after surgery.

Advantages and Differences

The differences between teardrop and round breast implants may make each appropriate for particular situations. For example, anatomical breast implants may be preferred for breast reconstruction procedures. For many augmentation surgeries, though, patients and surgeons agree that round breast implants offer substantial benefits, such as smaller incisions and no risk of rotation.
Learn Which Breast Implant is Right for You

Breast augmentation has been a preferred procedure for several years, transitioning through trends as beautifully as one would expect. Learn more about this procedure and the types of implants that are available today. Call our Denver office at 303-399-7662.