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Get to Know More about Liposuction

With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.At Body by Design in Denver, liposuction is one of our most popular procedures. At this time of year, when we tend to have an eye for how we want to look, inquiries about liposuction surgery soar. Here, we answer some of the questions we frequently field from patients who are setting out on their body contouring journey.

Does liposuction hurt?

Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery, but it's still surgery, so patients sometimes worry that they'll be uncomfortable. Our objective is to ensure a comfortable process for every patient. We achieve this with the judicious use of local or general anesthesia and the latest technologies. Decades ago, when liposuction was a relatively new procedure, surgeons relied on more force than technique to remove fat through a thin hollow tube. Today, fat is prepped ahead of time using a tumescent fluid. This solution contains lidocaine, saline, and epinephrine, each of which serves a beneficial role. Saline creates space between fat cells to dislodge them. Lidocaine numbs the nerves in the area, and epinephrine targets blood vessels to reduce bleeding during and after surgery. These make surgery and recovery easily tolerable.

Do I have to be under general anesthesia during liposuction?

Some liposuction procedures are performed in a surgery center using general anesthesia. Some are performed in the office using a local anesthetic and light sedation. General anesthesia is typically necessary for combination procedures, whereas minor liposuction focused on one area is safely performed without it. In fact, the use of local anesthetic and sedation carries fewer risks than general anesthesia. Patients are awake but can rest comfortably during their procedure. They can also go home sooner after their surgery has concluded.

Will the fat come back in other areas of the body?

This is a common misconception about liposuction. We appreciate it when patients ask about it rather than assume it to be true. Liposuction removes fat cells from one or more areas. The body does not grow more to replace it. When patients report a "return of fat" after having liposuction, we hate to say that the real issue is that they have gained weight. To enjoy lasting results from liposuction, one must be mindful of living a healthy and active life. This is no different than would be necessary after losing weight through diet and exercise. By maintaining a stable weight, a patient can expect to keep their svelte new curves created by liposuction.

Does Liposuction tighten the skin?

Liposuction does not tighten the skin. Its sole objective is to remove unwanted fat. In many cases, this is sufficient to get the desired outcome. During the consultation, the surgeon carefully evaluates the skin. By doing so, they can predict how well the skin may retract after surgery. When tissue laxity is severe, patients may benefit from a combination of liposuction and a lift such as abdominoplasty or other techniques.

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