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Getting a Grip on the Gynecomastia Issue

We’re at that time of year when millions of people are observing their bodies with a more discerning eye. They’re asking themselves “did I reach that weight loss goal I set at the beginning of the year?” “Do I like where I’m at, physically speaking?” In many cases, this is a healthy mindset to have. We’re encouraged to see so many people of all ages taking action on a healthy lifestyle. The gains in doing so are far greater than mere cosmetic improvement. Still, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t do it for everyone. For example, men with gynecomastia may spend years trying to sculpt the chest with targeted exercise and weight management, only to be left disappointed time and time again. 

There is a misunderstanding about gynecomastia that we need to get a grip on. Far too often, we see the issue of enlarged male breasts attributed to weight. It isn’t merely a weight matter, as many men can attest to just by looking in the mirror. Losing weight can help in some situations, but that is relatively rare. For some young men, gynecomastia that begins in adolescence may resolve spontaneously around age 20. However, this too is unpredictable. Doctors do not yet fully understand the nature of gynecomastia in terms of its causes.  Hormones may play a role, as may the use of certain medications. For the plastic surgeon, the goal is not to understand cause but to focus on correction. In doing so, they provide men a new lease on a confident life. 

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a straightforward procedure performed on an outpatient basis. Men are usually under general anesthesia for the surgery and they can go home within a few hours after the procedure is complete. The way that surgery is performed may be different for various patients based on their unique situation. Liposuction is almost always performed. This technique, performed through tiny incisions at the sides of the chest, removes the excess fat that has accumulated in the breast area. Additionally, some patients need firm glandular tissue removed. This cannot be done with liposuction. The surgeon often removes it through small incisions around the areola.  In cases of sagging breast tissue, a patient may also need a lift to tighten the skin around the new, flatter chest contours. 

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