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Common Rhinoplasty Questions

If you’re thinking about getting a nose job, you have many details to consider. While the results of rhinoplasty surgery can be extremely gratifying, they come with careful planning and preparation. Here, we answer some of the common questions regarding this procedure. The information provided by an experienced surgeon can make an enormous difference in a patient’s experience. 

What is rhinoplasty?

Calling rhinoplasty a nose job gives it a general description, but we think patients deserve a more specific definition. Yes, rhinoplasty is a nose surgery. However, it is one that is performed for cosmetic purposes. It is not a nasal procedure, but it can improve a person’s breathing function. Primarily, rhinoplasty is done to improve the size, shape, and general appearance of the nose in relation to other facial features. 

Does rhinoplasty hurt?

Rhinoplasty is performed using general anesthesia. The board-certified anesthesiologist may insert a tube into the patient’s throat once they are asleep. During surgery, the brain does not register pain from the body, so the procedure itself is not painful nor is it remembered by the patient once they wake up from anesthesia. Contrary to what patients may expect, post-operative pain is usually quite tolerable. Patients are advised to take prescription painkillers as directed for the first few days of recovery to help get them over the hump of discomfort. They are often ready to switch to over-the-counter medication within the first week after surgery. 

Will my voice sound different after rhinoplasty?

It can. Because rhinoplasty alters the structure of the nose, there may be a slight change in tone of voice. In most cases, this is not discernible. People whose professions involve their voices may take more time in determining whether or not rhinoplasty is right for them. While the potential change in voice is minor, those who rely on their voice may find this change unappealing. 

Will my nose be smaller after rhinoplasty?

If you wish to have a smaller nose, your surgeon will do what they can to achieve this goal. There are a few ways this can be done. Rhinoplasty can refine the tip of a bulbous nose or can narrow wide nostrils. The procedure can narrow the bridge of the nose or reduce a bump as needed to enable the nose to harmonize with other facial features. 

Do rhinoplasty results last forever?

Rhinoplasty results are considered permanent. However, they can be further refined if necessary. Patients are encouraged to take their time choosing a plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty to reduce the chances of needing revision surgery at a later time. Regardless, the nose does not return to its old shape after the initial rhinoplasty procedure. 

Is rhinoplasty right for me?

If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose, you may be a great candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. The best step you can take is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has ample training and experience performing this procedure. During your consultation, you can learn how the surgeon can adjust your nose to better suit your face. 

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