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Aging Face

Facial expressions, especially around the mouth and eyes, send messages to others about how you feel. With all of the emotions and stresses of daily life emanating from your face and eyes, added to the years of sun exposure and the pull of gravity, it is not too surprising that your face often shows signs of aging even before you feel old. There are a number of options available to help turn back the clock of time.

The gold standard for reversing the signs of the aging face is the facelift. When our face ages, the skin loses its elasticity, it begins to hang, and that once sharp anatomy is lost. A facelift can restore the strong jaw line, create a more youthful neck, decrease the jowls and lessen the deep grooves on the sides of the mouth. As part of a facelift, the underlying muscle system is also often tightened, which not only creates that more youthful look but likely gives longer lasting results.

A neck lift is really a subset of a facelift such that when you are getting a facelift, you are also getting a neck lift, too. Some people only want or need the neck lifted. Often, neck liposuction is added to either procedure if there are some fat deposits under the chin.

A forehead lift is an additional operation. It can lessen the deep forehead grooves and wrinkles including the frown lines, and raise the eyebrows. There are variations of the forehead lift, such as the brow lift. Some people opt for BOTOX® injections above the forehead and frown lines rather than surgery, in order to obtain that smooth, youthful look.

Often accompanied with a facelift is the eyelid lift. As the eyes age, there is excess skin on the upper eyelids and some fat deposits. The lower eyelid fat deposits weaken, protruding forward, causing bulges or bags. These bags coupled with wrinkly skin gives that tired, aging appearance. Removing excess skin and fat, and tightening the skin extends a youthful, rested look to the eyes. It is a powerful way to make a person look younger and rested.

Other signs of aging, such as very fine wrinkles, uneven color and texture, and pigmentation changes, are not corrected with the surgical procedures mentioned above. These types of skin care problems require medical skin care techniques, such as advanced skin care products, office peels, and laser resurfacing. Advanced skin care products include cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators, which bring more youthful skin to the surface, as well as products to control pigmentation. In-office peels and lasers literally resurface the skin in one fell swoop, removing the top layer and allowing youthful skin to take over.

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