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Are You Considering Rhinoplasty? Keep These Points in Mind!

Rhinoplasty Denver, CORhinoplasty, or a nose job, is one of the top plastic surgery procedures across the board. It is sometimes referred to as a "cosmetic surgery" procedure, but we should remember the important distinction between various types of surgical training, especially when discussing matters of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery is popular because, when it goes well, the results can permanently improve a person's appearance, as well as their self-confidence. For rhinoplasty to go well, the patient must understand all points, even those that aren't talked about as much as others. We're going to cover those here.

  1. No nose is a perfect nose. We get it. It's difficult to look at the celebrity nose you've long admired and think of it as imperfect. This can be somewhat tricky. See, the nose that you may love on another person's face is perfect for them (although we'd bet there are still tiny imperfections). Their nose was made for their face, either by their genes or by a good plastic surgeon. When you visit a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty, their job will be to reshape your nose so it fits perfectly with your other facial features.
  2. You may be disappointed. When the time comes to remove surgical dressings and take a look at the initial results of rhinoplasty, patients should expect to see minimal improvement. At first, the nose will look swollen. The skin around the nose and eyes will be bruised to some extent. The lips may even look slightly puffy. This is not the time to assess anything more than how the nose is healing. Over several weeks, the nose will look significantly better. After one year, the final outcome of surgery will be evident.
  3. Things may change. Among them are breathing and vocal tone. Breathing changes are typically for the better when rhinoplasty is done well. Vocal tone changes are usually subtle. They happen because changes inside the nose change the vibrations that occur when speaking or singing. Unless your voice is a big part of your career or hobby, this probably won't matter a bit.
  4. Some things may not change. When there is an aspect of appearance that we do not admire in ourselves, it stands out like a sore thumb. To us, that is. You may have felt self-conscious about the shape of your nose for years but others may have never noticed. Therefore, when you feel thrilled at the new shape of your nose, others may not notice the change you do. In this matter, the important thing is that you're happy with the New You, not that anyone else is.

Dr. Bershof is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, as well as board-certified in Head and Neck Surgery, making him one of a few plastic surgeons in the United States double-boarded in plastic surgery procedures. If you would like to consult with Dr. Bershof about rhinoplasty. Call our Denver office at 303.399.7662.

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