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Bring Your Body Back with a Mommy Makeover

For the most part, women we meet express that they welcomed the changes that came with motherhood. Even many of the physical changes feel pleasing at first. Weight gain means a growing fetus is receiving nutrients. An expanding belly means that the baby is developing well. Growing breasts are part and parcel of the whole shebang and a beautiful source of nourishment for a newborn. As much pride and privilege a woman may feel about motherhood, she may also be plagued with discontent about her body. It is possible to both revel in being a mom and wish for a better body. This is demonstrated by the popularity of Mommy Makeover surgery.

What is a Mommy Makeover all About?

Essentially, a Mommy Makeover is all about you! Plastic surgeons who routinely conduct specialized procedures understand that no two women come out of pregnancy and childbirth the same way. To undergo a Mommy makeover means to have your unique concerns addressed. The procedures that are involved in your makeover process are completely tailored to you. While most Mommy Makeovers revolve around particular breast and body concerns, there are virtually no restrictions on what can and cannot be added. Some women include a form of facial rejuvenation into their treatment process and some stick to the basics. Because a Mommy Makeover is all about Y.O.U., the options are endless.

Correcting Breast Changes

Breast enhancement surgery is commonly included in Mommy Makeover treatment. How this looks will differ from one woman to another. In some situations, breast enlargement with implants can successfully reinstate adequate volume to secure adequate physical proportion. Some women are better served with a breast lift in addition to moderately sized breast implants. With a strong interest in natural appearance, more women are opting to restore shape with a breast lift alone. In our Denver office, a thorough consultation is performed to understand what you wish to achieve and to discuss how we can achieve it.

Refining the Mommy Belly

There is a certain sense of pride and admiration a woman gains for her pregnant belly. Over time, however, the stretching that allowed life to grow can feel frustrating. Mommy Makeovers often involve liposuction to remove the fat that won’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. Additionally, abdominoplasty is frequently included to tighten the abdominal muscle that has severely loosened or separated during pregnancy.

Restore Form and Confidence

There is a reason for the popularity of Mommy Makeover procedures. Discover the emotional benefits of physical improvement by scheduling your consultation at 303.399.9609.

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