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Surgery, Botox, and Your Brows

Browlift, Denver. COWe all know that aging causes us to get lines and creases around our eyes and mouth. However, the more dramatic effects of aging involve the way in which the entire shape of the face can change over time. In youth, facial structure is wider at the top and narrow at the bottom, like a V. With age, this general shape turns upside down, with more “weight” and width falling at the jawline. This inversion also drags the upper face downward.

Tissue changes in the face affect the eyebrows and eyes by pulling the brows down below the bony ridge on which they should sit. When the brows droop below the orbital rim, the upper eyelids appear heavy. Depending on the angle of the eyebrow droop, the eyes may appear generally tired or they may give the impression that a person is angry or sad. Fortunately, these concerns can be corrected. The question is, what is the best approach for your needs?

The Botox Brow Lift

The development of cosmetic injectables has changed the way we address aging. Many more people will consider Botox injections than will discuss a surgical brow lift with any degree of serious consideration. Botox is the original injectable and one that remains popular for its ability to reduce frown lines and restore some degree of height to the aging brow.

Advantages of a Botox brow lift include:

  • Convenient in-office treatment takes less than 20 minutes
  • No downtime and minimal, temporary side effects like redness and swelling
  • Affordable treatment achieves results that last approximately 4 months
  • Treatment is tailored to lift the brow into natural, beautiful contours

The Surgical Brow Lift

A brow lift may also be referred to as a forehead lift. The surgical procedure is more in-depth, obviously than a few injections. Our brow lift procedure involves a coronal incision made behind the hair line where the minor resulting scar will be completely hidden. Through the incision, the tissue on the forehead is released from the downward pull of gravity and excess tissue is removed. Throughout the procedure, the upper orbital rim (bony ridge above the eye) is observed as the guide for proper brow position.

Advantages of a surgical brow lift include:

  • Permanent results that naturally change with the aging process
  • Smoother, tighter skin from the eyes up to the hairline
  • Elimination of frown lines and sad or tired-looking eyes
  • Smoother, tighter appearing upper eyelids
  • Can be combined with eyelid rejuvenation for more dramatic results

You’re a phone call away from better-looking eyes. Learn more about your brow lift options in a consultation in our Denver office. Call 303.399.7662.

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