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What You Must Have after Plastic Surgery

Hundreds of thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year. These range from minimally-invasive body contouring procedures to breast enhancement to facial rejuvenation. Regardless of the procedure that is in your future, chances are you are already thinking of two things: your recovery and your results. You must get through one to see the other. Here, we discuss a few must-haves to see you through the most pleasant surgical recovery possible.

Must-Have #1 – Help

As you move closer to your surgery date, you may hear that you should have one or more people assembled to assist you for a few days. Most people who undergo plastic surgery hear this recommendation. Many do call in the reinforcements and, a fair amount of people quickly struggle with their position of “helplessness.” This is why we’re mentioning this as a leading must-have. After you have plastic surgery, you not only need to arrange help, you need to prepare yourself emotionally to accept that help. The kind of help we’re talking about is cooking, childcare, pet care, maybe even a little light cleaning. Additionally, you mustn’t overlook the personal needs you may have. Some days you may need someone to administer your pain medication on time. Some days, you may just need someone to keep you company.

Must-Have #2 – Home Remedies

During the first several days of surgical recovery, you may rely on prescription pain medication to maintain comfort. Most patients are ready ahead of time, having filled their prescriptions well before surgery. Another few items are needed, though. One is ice. You can use a bag of peas or a formal gel ice pack. Whatever you choose, have an extra. Ice might be your BFF for a few days. Additionally, to help manage the potential side effects of prescription pain medication (specifically, constipation), you may also want to purchase a fiber supplement or a bottle of magnesium citrate tablets. Both have been shown to remedy constipation.

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