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Why Wintertime is a Great Time for Peeling

Chemical Peel Denver, COAll summer long, we hear about the value of quality sunscreen and protective habits. We listen to suggestions like “wear a hat, or your face might peel!” Studies have proven that one or more bad burns in childhood can significantly increase a person’s risk for skin cancer as an adult. This detail could lead us to have a limited connotation of peeling. When it’s related to a sunburn, peeling is terrible. When it’s the result of controlled treatment, peeling can be oh, so good for the overall health of your skin. Here, we want to point out one of the biggest reasons you may want to call our Denver office this winter to schedule a chemical peel and consult for medical grade skincare.

Why we NEED to Peel

The skin has a cyclical growth pattern that includes the crucial phase of sloughing. Naturally, the uppermost layer of dead skin cells and other debris should fall off. In most cases, it doesn’t. Numerous studies have pointed out that this top layer of skin cells hangs around, preventing new cells from being revealed. When this layer does not slough off, the complexion becomes dull and, worse, the skin cannot absorb nutrients properly.

Peeling is a method of exfoliation that achieves better results than can be attained even with an exfoliating facial scrub. Our chemical peel spa service provides patients with the opportunity to sit back and relax while our experienced team applies a customized solution to affect just the right depth of tissue. A chemical peel need not be aggressive to reach its objective of refreshing the skin. Many of our peels are so gentle that no side effects occur at all; patients can go right back to their normal activities.

The benefits of a chemical peel include immediate softness and a more radiant glow. The extended advantage of a peel is that you can combine this treatment with an expert skin care consultation to discover which ingredients your skin needs the most. By beginning with a chemical peel, you prepare your skin for maximum absorbing power. By following up with medical grade skin care, you ensure that the ingredients your skin is absorbing will nourish and renew, even slow the aging process.

Get your glow on this holiday season. Call Berschof Plastic Surgery to schedule your chemical peel.

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